And so it begins….

Summer 2024, I am morphing a bit to add some new things to my life and we shall see where it goes from here. Part of that journey is redoing this website that I took down a few years ago and pointed it at my business site, I see that now as a way of disappearing, hiding from myself and the world at large. That phase is over and I’m once again ready to move forward into the light and see where that leads us.

WIMNSail – If you came here looking to sail I’m sorry, I sold the boat in 2023 and am very happy with my decision.

Plum Creek Consulting – Named my design side after the Little House book On The Banks of Plum Creek. Little did I know I’d end up living where Laura Ingalls Wilder was born, Pepin, WI. If you need to make sure I’m a real website designer, that site has all of that information. Also stuff for being a book mechanic who helps self-publishing authors get their books on Amazon’s KDP system. Or any other geeky thing with which you need help.