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Pictures of People, Places & Things in My Life....enjoy!

This is a picture of the sunset in August off the yacht club deck in Pepin, Wisconsin, where I live.

My friend Ankur from Nosh in Lake City. He's the best hospitality guy in the business. AGD rocks!

The late great Max the Wonderdog! Thanks for teaching me how to be silly, and the meaning of unconditional love.

This one is for you, Sara.

My friends Sue Henry and Andrew Webster, supposedly sailing. Note the completely flat water off the stern. Oh well, a bad day sailing beats a good day in the office!


Had to leave this one bigger, otherwise you couldn't see. This is just the Pepin end of the lake...the Lake City side had twice as many. Best sailing day of the summer and everyone took advantage of it.
Labor Day weekend, 2007, Saturday.


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