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I am Beth M. Anderson, an entrepreneur, a founding partner in OrgTrack.com, co-founder of TheNetworkingClub.com, and an internationally recognized expert in word-of-mouth referral networking. Dubbed the "The Networking Queen," I am an active participant in several on-line networking communities, and credit my success to the lessons learned by my participation in the world’s largest organization of weekly face-to-face meetings, BNI, Business Network Int’l.

A website designer and developer by trade, I have my fingers in a number of different things at all times. Always passionate about the latest adventure, I love learning new things, meeting new people, and tackling new challenges.

Hear my radio show appearances: www.eeradioshow.com & www.fast180.com

The best way to predict your future is to create it.
- Tony Robbins

An eagle through the spreaders on my sailboat. How cool is that?

Some people buy baseball cards, some buy shoes, I'm a buyer of domain names.
They're affordable, creative, portable and don't take up much space in my closet.
So here are some of my personal sites, as well as other sites I enjoy:

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